From Blogging coach to faith coaching

December of 2017 marked the beginning of my business coaching + blogging career and from the very beginning, I knew that season in my life would eventually come to an end. Not because I wouldn’t be successful at it, but because the Lord showed me early on that He had called me to do and be more.

December of 2021 was the month I phased out my last blogging client. Bittersweet is how I felt when our contract ended. Ending a contract with that last client meant so much more to me than she probably knew. It meant that a season of four long years of hard, impactful work was coming to an end…and a new, unknown season was beginning. The reality of “when one door shuts, another one opens” was playing out in my life on a very real level.

Everyone loves to highlight the blessings that come with following the path the Lord lays out for you (and the blessings are definitely glorious) however, not many people like to share the not so “pretty” reality of following Gods path. Because the Lords path is straight and narrow, not many people are on it. It’s not “popular” to teach people about faith, biblical principles or how to receive the promises of God the right way. According to the worlds standards, I committed business suicide. Thousands of people followed me for the sole purposes of learning how to make money online and although I’ve helped quite a bit of them create six figure incomes and retire their family members…it is just money. What happens when they make the money and they’re still not happy? There is something much more sinister brewing beneath the surface of “being successful” or “making money”.

May of 2021, I knew the Lord was calling me to shift into full-time ministry work. From the moment I made the decision in my heart, I felt severely attacked with thoughts like: How will I make it financially? Will my previous blogging clients think I’m a fraud? Will people want to hear what I have to say? Thoughts like these crowed my mind day and night and these thoughts continued until I decided to show up fully in this new season God called me to.

As a word of wisdom: the enemy will attack you until you take action because taking action means you’ve made a decision and once you’ve made a decision to follow the path of the Lord, He will guide you from there. All it takes is you taking the first step and the Lord will illuminate your path from that point forward. If you can push past feelings of unworthiness, hopelessness, shame, guilt or inadequacy, you’ve made it through the worst the enemy has in his bucket of tricks to throw at you.

Ever since I’ve decided to change the focus and mission of the business, the Lord has shown up for me and those whom He’s called me to mentor in ways most people would not believe and to think that this is only the beginning is mind blowing. If you feel called to shift into a new season in life but you’re not sure how or what action the Lord wants you to take next, you might be in need of mentorship. For less than $1 a day, you can receive on demand mentorship from me for an entire year. Click here to get started. I’ll see you on the inside.