Hello, I’m Shannon. I believe us humans were created to do amazing things beyond our comprehension. Some of us just haven’t tapped into it yet. My “super power” is helping people reach their greatest potential as a Life & Business Coach. That’s when I become a genius. When I’m in my element, I’m a force to be reckoned with.

When I found my “super power”, I had just came out of what seemed like the darkest time of my life. Which, I then promised myself that second that I’ll give everything I’ve got in me to help others break past barriers to become the powerful force they’re meant to be.

Here’s my story

Five years ago, I was completely lost in my identity. I believed in God but I didn’t know who I was in God. Because of this, I allowed the world to break me. In my brokenness, God found me. I was the lost sheep. He left the 99 for me and even now it still feels so unreal.

If you would have told me then I’d be a mighty warrior of God with an online ministry, a published author, and a successful life and business coach who has helped multiple women collectively break through barriers and create multiple six figures in revenue…I’d think “yeah right. ”There would be a small piece of me that considered it though, but my confidence was too low to take action.

Then the day came when I completely gave my life to Jesus. On that day, he downloaded his plans into me. In my bedroom, on the floor, with tears rolling down my eyes, my will quickly became his will. My desires became his desires. My focus immediately shifted from advancing the world’s kingdom to advancing God’s kingdom. 

He led me to quit my job and publish a book. He placed me in rooms with people on a higher level than me spiritually, financially and mentally. He led me to start an online blogging business, then a coaching business and now he’s called me to directly combat the enemy by breaking demonic strongholds off his people + giving them kingdom business strategies so they can FLOURISH in business and God’s kingdom.

The kingdom of God is advancing and he’s raising up an army of warriors. People who aren’t afraid to be bold, people who are ready to put it all on the line for him, people who are ready to make a big impact in other people’s lives, people who are tired of playing small and ready to walk in their God given authority. 

You were created to solve a specific problem. God saw a need on the earth and decided to create YOU! If you’re ready to break the yoke of the enemy off your life, step into your God given purpose or create a thriving online coaching business that serves others, you’re in the right place.