Why Brand Patterns Are an Essential Piece to Your Brand’s Identity

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Have you ever heard of a brand pattern? Even if you have never heard of the exact term, I bet you have seen them before! 

Think about the last time you ordered something online. If it came from a properly branded company, it likely showed up packaged with a box and some pretty tissue paper. Did the tissue paper have a pattern on it unique to the company you bought the product from? If so, you were likely introduced to a brand pattern! Think about how that pretty, patterned tissue paper made you feel when you opened up your online order. I bet it reminded you of a feeling you had growing up on Christmas morning. It is exciting to open a beautifully wrapped order. Patterned tissue paper makes you feel special.

This is one example of how brand patterns can benefit your overall brand identity. Brand patterns are a great addition to your brand suite. They have an abundance of uses, from websites to wallpapers. Below are a few reasons why you need to seriously consider adding a brand pattern to your brand suite.

1. Patterns Support Your Brand Personality

The brand you build for your business embodies a unique personality. The brand pattern you choose to support your brand suite adds an additional level of support to the personality your brand displays. If your brand portrays a sophisticated personality, you can include sharp, minimal lines in your patterns. This adds another level of edge to your brand and affects the way consumers feel when interacting with your brand. If your brand is fun and exciting, you might opt for more geometric shapes or blobs. Aligned brand patterns add a supporting element to the rest of your brand suite, crafting an even more unique and tailored identity to appeal to your target market.

 2. Patterns Differentiate You

As we alluded to in the introductory packaging story, brand patterns can be used as a way to differentiate you. Imagine ordering a package from one store, and it comes wrapped in a bow with plain white tissue paper. Now imagine another store sending the same item with fancy brand-patterned tissue paper. The store with the branded tissue paper is going to leave a better first impression than the one without. Customers see this extra effort in the packaging and automatically gain a positive image of the company before even seeing the product they ordered. Having a brand pattern sets you apart from competitors and makes a customer’s experience with your brand more memorable. (It also makes it more Instagrammable. Cue the customer story shoutouts.) 

3. They Keep You Groovy Cool, Bro

Adding a pattern to your brand suite also adds a whole new level of versatility. It allows you to shake up the repetitiveness of your other elements while still maintaining a cohesive brand. Imagine having a brand pattern to spice up your website, social media presence, or even the wallpaper in your physical store. Brand patterns are fun and keep your audience excited to engage with you.

So, have I convinced you yet of how important brand patterns are to your overall brand identity? I sure hope so! They can make a world of difference for your brand, and they are a rather small investment for the return they will bring.

Does your brand have a pattern to help you stand out from the crowd? If not, comment below and I’ll see what I can do to help you out! Until next time friend…

Upward and Onward,

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